Using Visual Media to Share the Gospel

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Videos a19faith_t607can not only enhance but completely change the churchgoing experience, allowing you to reach out to thousands of people online around the world instantly, some of whom may decide to attend your church in person, and others who will take what they need from the online sermons and be able to grow in their relationship with Christ as a result.

Streaming video of your sermons is a powerful tool, allowing you to expand your congregation without having to knock down any walls or even hire a contractor. Regular members will also be able to watch even when they are sick or out of town. These videos can be posted all around the internet to have a far reaching impact way beyond the typical Sunday morning.

Other types of church activities can be filmed as well, from community festivals, fundraising activities, charity drives, sporting events and pageants to outreach. Consider cutting apart and editing some of these videos into short clips, which will be more watchable than the long version. Show highlights of events, or create a sort of video montage, so that viewers don’t have to sit through the whole thing.

Videos can be posted on YouTube and embedded into your site for easier loading and to reduce space requirements. Start a YouTube account for your church, where parishioners can go and watch all of the various clips you have uploaded, and be sure to advertise it on your site. And don’t forget about social media sites like Facebook, where you can post or embed videos as well.

You should invest in a good digital video camera, we personally recommend the Blackmagic Pocket Camera for sermons and a Canon 6D for events and the functions. With today’s technology, these are not terribly expensive. Make sure you get a tripod for those sermons. You can get a cheap subscription to Adobe CC where you can use Premier to edit the sermons and videos too!

Once you have the camera and the software, start filming, and then play around with the editing software. You’ll be delighted at how much fun it can actually be! If you are looking for something more professional and consistent, give us a call and we can work out a custom package for you!

How to Promote Your Online Business

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Internet-IPv6I love building businesses. From when I was in middle school, I was constantly thinking of new ways to start and grow a business. That’s why is on my list of favorites! A favorite post of mine from the talented Kristin Edelhauser, was very beneficial to a few of my clients and I thought I would condense and share.

In short, all advertising is going online. More and more e-commerce businesses are successfully kicking off with the platform giants like Shopify and BigCommerce. But one important aspect of e-commerce, and internet presence in general, is missing! So many people have a great product to sell and a great team to do it but the “black art” of online SEO and advert is absolutely impossible to navigate.

So the top three places you need to go to are Google Adwords, Yahoo listings, and CitySearch. These will be the backbone to increasing traffic and keeping those sales a’comin! So what’s the big deal with these three advertising mediums? How did they get the marketshare of the absolutely endless internet? You can hear more about this and the details of what is important for you to get started by reading Kristin’s article at!

Get yourself setup with these three sites or contact us and we will coach you through the muddy details of setting you up for success in your new venture!

Church & Conferences

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Have you ever wished that you could reach more people than just the 50-600 church-goers that walk through your doors each Sunday morning? As technology and the media age has advanced, more and more opportunities to be globally minded have become available to churches. The benefits of subscribing to Reverent Media’s “Genesis” subscription packages will allow the gospel-centered teaching you experience every Sunday to reach beyond the walls of your church to every tribe, nation, and tongue.

Why Choose Reverent Media?

Reverent Media was originally established in 2006 with the State of Texas as God Honoring Films and renamed in 2008 as we branched into multiple advertising mediums beyond the film industry. Our passion and pursuit is to honor The Lord, utilizing trans-media for the purpose of Kingdom growth. With our passion, we will distribute the message of truth and gospel-centered teaching to hundreds of thousands of people each week.

The Breakdown

The service we offer would guide and support small to mid-sized churches in establishing an effective media presence to broaden the message and promote the ministry of the church. These three basic media platforms can significantly advance any local church’s media presence. They are the most important for a church to publish weekly because they reinforce the message and activity of the Church to the broadest audience.

  1. Sermon Video Podcasting (Vodcasting)
  2. Sermon Clip Publishing
  3. Weekly Announcement Videos

The Value Added

  1. Sermon Podcasting allows the church to deliver full-length teaching content to all attenders who are serving during Sunday or happen to be gone on a given week. This also allows for the church to build a library of useful content to address questions people have about their spiritual lives.
  2. Sermon Clip publishing is a useful tool for social media. The church can publish short highlights of the teaching in a way that attracts people to the church’s full-length content and its Sunday worship gatherings. These clips also provide a simple way for membership to “share” or “re-tweet” the gospel to friends.
  3. Video Announcements are a great way to keep announcements engaging during the service and easily retransmit during the week via email and social media. This platform also provides a simple resource to allow the congregation to advance the message of the church to their networks.

The Basic Package ($750 per month)

  • Video/Audio Podcasting (iTunes, Vimeo, Social, Website)
  • Weekly Sermon Highlights Video
  • Intro Stinger Recording/Animation for Podcast
  • Basic SEO Enhancement
  • Vimeo Plus Subscription and Channel Maintenance
  • 4 TB Online File Storage
  • Minimum 6 Month Subscription ($1000 = month-to-month) 24/7 Technical Support

The Premium Package

  • Basic Package +
  • Video Announcement Recording/Editing
  • Sermon Series Intro Animation/Video (4 per year)
  • Google AdWords Management ($120,000 Included Per Year)
  • Additional Bible Study Material
  • Podcast Followup to Sermon
  • Minimum 12-Month Subscription ($1500 = month-to-month)

We Invite you to contact us for any more details and we look forward to serving alongside you!