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Reaching Students Through Social Media 

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shutterstock_326771273Imagine for a moment you are a student pastor.  College or Youth it doesn’t matter.  Now you work at a church and you are expected to reach the young people of your community with the gospel.  Where do you start?

Having worked with student ministries for over 12 years this is a important question for every church student pastor.  Ten years ago you most likely went to all the sporting events or you found yourself outside the dining hall on a college campus.  But that was TEN YEARS ago!  The times have changed.

Social media has consumed the next generation.  In 2004, 85% of college students had a Facebook page and were using it.  In 2013, 95% of college students use Facebook.

Social media is how to connect to the students in your community!

Since 2013 the Facebook stats stay the same with Instagram rising quickly amongst students.  If you want to share a event or a summer youth trip and you want your community to know about it social media is the best way to communicate with students.  Social media also give you the ability to go one step further…you can reach more students with the Gospel.  How?

Social media advertising!  This might seem a little weird at first, but think about how much money you spend on flyers or traveling or lunches.  Not to mention all the time it takes to get out there and before you know it the day is gone and you met maybe 75 students.  Imagine with me you being able to create a picture about your student ministry and then being able to put it on the Facebook or IG news feed of 95% of every student (by age) in your city.  It seems hard to imagine….but it is possible.

Here at Reverent Media we want to see the world change toward Christ through the next generation and we want to help you do this through the power of social media.

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