imageSo you’re a pastor… or at least you’ve been put in charge of managing your church’s media… and either you have big aspirations of making Hollywood level films or perhaps you’re bogged down with everything else you have to do that it just can’t get done. But whoever you are, you probably can’t help but wish for a little help. Here at Reverent, we’ve developed a program just for you. We like to call it our “Reach” program because it is our way to help you reach the world with the gospel.

So how do we do that?

Step 1. Video Podcasting. It may seem obvious to some of you but the truth is, you don’t need to be the biggest MegaChurch in downtown to have a podcast subscriber! You just need to record your sermons, do it well, and make sure it gets uploaded within a few hours. But you want to make it available on roku, Apple TV, iPhones, Androids, Google, and whatever else they decide to invent today!

Step 2. Live Streaming. We’ve found that the churches who live stream their service have often added an additional 20% to their Sunday morning audience. An additional 20%! Not only that but you’re able to reach people who are traveling, bedridden, sick, deployed, or those who may have hit snooze one too many times.

Step 3. Video Announcements. We’re not talking about the cheesy cell-phone video from the nineties that you throw up on the projector. We’re talking about High Quality, 4K resolution cinematic quality video that you can streamline your boring announcements into something exciting and engaging to incorporate on any given Sunday morning. And honestly, that’s only a small part of the reason to do them. The really awesome reason is to be able to put them up on Social Media and let your friends, fans, members, and groupies share it across the world so that you are engaging your church more than just on Sunday.

Step 4. Don’t freak out. This isn’t just some bait and switch thing. We are a company who loves the Lord and views this has an opportunity to REACH the nations while still paying our bills and keeping Billy in accounting happy. We’re wanting to help you engage this culture with the Gospel and bring those on the fringe into the inner circle. You’re getting California quality but at ministry prices…. Yep….

So check out our website at to learn how you can get a free trial and we can help you get pointed in the right direction even if you don’t hire us. We’ll help guide you so you can reduce media expenses, reduce your workload, and engage this world with the Gospel!


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